The Witches Hat

Feeling spooky? 

*There is an additional surcharge of £50 for ONE night bookings.

5 Guests • 4 Beds • 1 bathroom

About the place

Nestled within the heart of our glamping haven, “The Witch’s Hat” stands as a testament to the charm and magic of cozy, rustic living. This enchanting log cabin, though compact, is designed to embrace the intimate and warm aspects of a secluded retreat, making it a perfect sanctuary for those who appreciate the quaintness and snug comfort of smaller spaces.

Bathed in sunlight throughout the day due to its ideal south-facing position, “The Witch’s Hat” offers stunning, expansive views of the site, allowing guests to feel connected to the outdoors even from within its cozy confines. The interior, with its full wood paneling and efficient heating, creates a welcoming atmosphere that’s both inviting and intimate, ensuring every corner is touched by warmth and light. The addition of extra plug sockets and strategically placed windows, including a charming one at the apex of the roof, enhances the cabin’s functionality without sacrificing its rustic appeal.

Accommodating up to five guests, “The Witch’s Hat” ingeniously maximizes its space with a thoughtful layout that includes a large double bed, a double bunk, and a single bed. Each sleeping arrangement is carefully considered to provide comfort and a sense of personal space. A dining table with chairs nestled within the cabin serves as a cozy nook for meals, offering an intimate setting for guests to connect and share stories.

Outside, the magic continues with a private, sheltered kitchen area that is fully equipped for your culinary adventures. This outdoor space, complete with its own table and chairs, offers a delightful extension of the cabin, providing an idyllic setting for al fresco dining or quiet moments under the sky.

“The Witch’s Hat” is more than just a place to stay; it’s a cozy retreat designed for those who find joy and comfort in the smaller, intimate moments of life. Its compact size is a testament to the idea that the most memorable experiences often come in the most quaint packages, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a rustic, snug, and enchanting escape.

Adventure Awaits!

We supply everything you need for a comfortable stay, just bring yourselves and enjoy!