• Pemprokeshire, Wales

Family Owned

From the hustle of corporate skyscrapers to the serene landscapes of Pembrokeshire, our journey to creating this unique glamping retreat has been nothing short of extraordinary. After years of globetrotting and navigating the corporate world, the longing to return to our roots and cherish more time with family sparked the inception of our dream. We envisioned a family-run oasis where not only could we grow closer but also craft unforgettable experiences and memories for others. This vision came to life on a 5-acre estate, now home to our exceptional glamping site. Each carefully curated accommodation, from the majestic geodomes to the novelty of our private jet, reflects our passion for adventure, luxury, and the great outdoors. Our story is one of transition, from global exploration to local connection, and every guest who visits becomes a part of this ongoing journey. Here, we invite you to escape the ordinary, immerse in nature’s tranquillity, and create lasting memories, all while being embraced by our family and the unique charm of Pembrokeshire

The Local Area

Nestled in the enchanting region of Pembrokeshire, just moments away from the picturesque town of Tenby, our unique glamping site offers the perfect gateway to explore the natural wonders and rich heritage of West Wales.

Tenby, a historic walled town, is renowned for its vibrant harbor, stunning medieval architecture, and golden sandy beaches, which beckon visitors for tranquil walks and seaside relaxation.

Pembrokeshire, a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, boasts the iconic Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, offering miles of breathtaking coastal paths, spectacular landscapes, and abundant wildlife.

Nearby, guests can discover a treasure trove of attractions

Including the mystical Caldey Island, renowned for its Cistercian monastery and serene beaches, or go wild at Heatherton, just 4 minutes away and embark on adventures at Oakwood Theme Park and Folly Farm, perfect for family fun.

Whether it’s delving into the deep at the Blue Lagoon, exploring ancient castles, or simply soaking up the tranquility of unspoiled nature, our location serves as your ideal base to experience the captivating allure of Tenby and the splendors of Pembrokeshire.

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